The cons of being black and fat

1) When you go into a acting agency and ask what roles you think you can land…your told the pine-sol lady. Before she existed what were you given then as a possible role?

2) To be nice people will tell someone they look like so and so celebrity, why is it since I was 17 here and there been told I look like Oprah? Yes Hollywood doesn’t have many blacks on purpose, but keep such a comment to yourself and just say wow you look nice today.

3) This goes for both white and black women when I bring up weight loss please don’t tell me about Queen latifah,Jill scott, or Monique and how rich they are and blah blah blah…um to the white ladies how about you stick these ladies on your wall next to the scale and let them be your aim(like I thought), and for the black ladies just HUSH.

4) Just because im black and fat doesn’t mean I go to church, speak in tongues and blow on the mic for Jesus…um don’t go to church at all :/

5) Just being black in general everyone will think your christian and have a church, im proud of other blacks looking into other religions and discovering more instead of living in a box. Me I do believe in God, but religion is not my life like others,it use to be, but seen too many things to continue that.

6) Im not down with being called out at and being told as if your saying im sexy that you love fat ass women and big woman is that how you asked a plus size white, asian, or latin woman…the chances are nope just the fat black ones.

7) Stop thinking that were all loud, careless ect. yes thanks to black men wearing drag in the media acting a fool as if this is black woman behavior and yes some black woman are that way, but so are other races too! I get tired of being told im different um no just being me. Even on craiglist I noticed many men of all races are willing to give a chubby white or Latin woman a chance kinda, but zero chance for black women. we get equal chance if its just for sexual reasons only if were fat. Oddly if thin were worth the time not many black men are in drag as thin black women on screen acting a fool, loud ect.

8) Just because im fat don’t mean I will take you as you are, if your super old, or want to live off me its not happening. Single for 25 years and if it leads to another 25 I rather that be more saddened your in my life.

9) Just because im a fat black woman doesn’t mean that by you saying this why the brothas date big beautiful white woman because they take care of there men money wise, shelter, and uplift him….um good for you and them just because im black and your black were met to be and I better hurry and get you before you get a white woman instead :/ How about this give me 100 dollars and I will help you search for one? Really! And again just because im fat doesn’t mean im rich and have the means to support you. Im rich in size, but thats it.

10) No I don’t know how to dance like that….

11) No im not proud to be fat, phat, bbw, or so called thick and no never on purpose I got to this size.

12) Yes im desperate for love, but not desperate to have sex with you so you can say hey its true fat chicks do it better….another myth all fat women are loose, um no not really in my opinion and what I seen its really thin women they get the best guys daily after them so who can blame them sometimes? It upsets me when I hear guys say oh fat women are easy yea im so easy im a virgin! Is a fat woman singing this?

13) That I have about 2-3 kids I been asked do I have kids by my own and other races, but never asked if im married…ever. I would never have kids in the environment im living more props to the other ladies of all races who do in my area with a man or not, but no never mines. My kids will be a apart of me I don’t want to raise any part of me alone and in the hood no thanks. So if anyone ask me from now on do I have kids im saying no im not married yet.

14) Don’t tell me how I have such a beautiful face (make up is a true blessing) and then you stop right there.

15) Don’t be a really good looking guy and know it and flirt with me making me all shy and stuff as a joke and leave…that hurts.

16) Don’t tell me about so and so who is fat and married to a successful man who cherish her and never lay a hand on her….why I never get to meet them? Sounds made up. 

17) Stop considering me a strong black woman in my mind I’m far from that and I make it known at my job im a lady don’t think I will allow you to have skinny women on the side saying oh how heavy, but your working me like a ox not going to happen.

18) No im not a fan of Beyonce, I was of Destiny’s child. And yes don’t expect me to have the ring tone if he likes he going to put a ring on it…ewww

19) Yes im a ditz and can’t help it, I mess up, do things that make others laugh, but never on purpose stop considering me slow because im black and its not black behavior to I guess act like a dumb blond, but another non-black girl who is just like me you don’t consider her slow its just white behavior and normal. As a fat black woman im suppose to be all serious and honey child.

20) The reason I don’t exercise is not because of my hair (Im not that crazy or care how others feel about it) its because I rather relax play sims 3 and dream of a better life someday

21) No I never watched basketball wives or house wives of Atlanta I over hear about it or so and so is saying im about to watch it,but it sounds like a hot mess.



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