Reasons why to never tell anyone your trying to lose weight

1) If you go food buying with you they feel to go into a public debate that this cereal is garbage, but this one better…you go back and forth two adults…

2) Just because they are your friends don’t mean they forget how many times you fail and trust me they go back to family or other friends and joke how your trying AGAIN, but in your face seem so caring and encourging…

3) So and so watches you excuses you that your starving yourself when your not hungry at the moment or just ate not long ago, these types once they learn of your diet they watch you and when you eat the way they like …yes scale goes up. The best way to handle these types is to LIE that oh just ate or having lunch with so and so (use this one skinny women use it all the time) DON’T WANT TO SPOIL MY appetite!!!!

*Also be careful of the ones who talk about health yet smoke or just as broken down :/  these maybe the type who get upset when you do lose weight…deep down your fatness made them feel good about themselves. Sarah just got her car towed, but least shes not fat like so and so.

4)Really you open doors for others to judge you.

5)People feel they are right and want you to try this diet it worked for aunt susan…but the idea of eating animal flesh daily with a side of greens is just too much!


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