How to know your facing weight discrimination

Some people been so fat for so long they don’t believe they faced it! When you been thin before you see a huge differance.

1) Your slim 6 foot tall female co-worker is once again choosen to go on a business trip with some others…never you when you been there longer and have the same skills.

*I worked for a company once that joked how they were leaving the fat one behind and get this the men were fatter then her…women face it more harsher. I never told her felt it would break her heart as to why she never got to go and enjoy free hotels and bonuses.

2) In the dating world a guy will say he wants a woman who can keep up with him, and is active…yet your active, you go hiking, but goes for your size 0 friend who refuses to hike because its too much aka she only eats very little to look like that (half a hotdog the end…yes I knew some zeros and 2’s)

3) People really don’t care for your opinion

4)Without noticing it your the super funny happy, trying one which can lead to a people pleaser trait

5) You get men with jail records, no future, or feel they have a future at tacobell….in a nutshell not the guy thin women would fight over…as a joke yes.

6) you don’t get as much so called good luck like your thin sister or friend who seems to have a story of someone helping them randomly, or getting a discount, or getting hired for a job they never applied for (yes true)

7) You apply for a job, resume looks amazing with real ref and comments of how awesome of a worker you are, plus your mad skills…and get this you even get hired over the pone…until you show up it was a mistake and they say sorry…month later you see miss thin and trim who just got hired.

8) If you got a cold, to breast cancer, to a flu, or even attacked by a stray dog the doctor blames it on your size as if being slim you will never get ill.

9) You go in for a talent agency and ask what kind of gigs could you get…the first thing out her mouth is pine-sol lady…um she has that covered guess I can do another cleaner :/

10) Some passes you by in car, in general a total stranger calls you fat over and over as if you didn’t know and you can hear in their angry voice that they feel its there right to say it…its worse when that person comes from a starving country or not doing well comes here and says that shouldn’t they be glad im fed?


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