My diet the eat every hour plan.

Once a 4 day water fast had me 20 pounds slimmer…days of binging brought it all back on.

One day fasts im mainly five pounds smaller.

But im going to try something different this time.

Today like always I ate a total of 3000- 4000 calores.

Fiber one cereal over and over, milk, 6 bananas, a bag of thawed out blue berries about five hot dogs with the bun, about 6 packs of nature valley bars,its like every hour I need something in my mouth 😦 I tried chewing gum, but was lacking the swallowing effect.


I really don’t know what to call this diet though honestly, but heres what Im going to do every hour im still going to eat…like I do, anyway but just a bite a food every hour. Just one bite then wait the next hour. A reg bite not hugely insane or too tiny just my normal bite. Every hour. The bite can be anything food wise.


Diet coke, any herbal teas, are freebies. Drinks such as crystal light with five-ten calories are freebies as well, water always.


Its 9.08pm and I hop on scale and im….280.8 pounds… :*(

I will weigh at 9pm every night from now on.


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