I want to be so thin most would just love me, at least envy me, or better I inspire them

Im what people may feel is your average black girl….fat, even though many other races have its plus size, obese, and chub chubs. I won’t sugarcoat anything here and im highly blunt too. I been in my body for 25 years now, I know how race and weight plays a role in alot of things. I know how people view black women in general and how they view obese people, or just plain overweight people. No matter how many times you smile, how many people you have helped, or how many times you said sorry when it wasn’t your fault, or even gave your blood to help someone live again, or how great your make up looks, or that your clothes don’t appear too fat girl shop….your still fat on the outside and no one cares. They rather the thin, butter face who robbed from her mother and wears a size 2 then you the plus size mother Teresa. Weight discrimination is alive and well from dating, jobs, health care, the service you get in customer relations, even total strangers remarks, everytime you step out that door its human nature for others to glance at each other or have random thoughts some maybe *wow shes fat*, or eww im glad im not her, or how sad, some may even come to you to sell weight loss shakes and herbs and what nots as if you don’t know where to go for weight loss items already that still requires your effort.

I also understand how it feels to have ultra thin, to the size 8’s and 9’s of the world tell you your fine, but the next day talk about the last five to ten pounds that has to go and how they feel ever so fat as you stand their a size 24 monster.

Food never:

1) Makes you feel second rate

2) Doesn’t love you because you gainned 50 pounds

3) Its not illegal, so like the addict I am towards it I can have as much to the point I can’t handle it

4) Never says I hate you

5) Comes in pricy or cheap to sometimes down right free, so like I would to travel and learn of other cultures….can’t afford it, but I can afford food

6) Never ever write racist reports and studies food loves all races, heights, religions, everyone

7) Never tells me I have such a pretty face,but if I only lost such and such amount

8) Gives me old advice….um fat people know how to lose weight just like a druggie knows what it takes to stop, but we both have a addiction its not that simple or there would be no heavy drinkers, abusers, binge eaters, ect.

9) Or ask me how a girl like me is single when your not even giving me a chance!

If food was a human I would marry him in a heart beat.


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