Advice to large women

1) Never go on a dating site expecting to find prince charming. Most men view large women as just easy sex, but will wine and dine and cherish a thin women even to the point it almost appears like stalking. Yes thin women get their share of losers, but larger women get so many you pretty much lose count. Once I just gave a head shoot and a guy who was just a mall cop and chubby himself was so upset saying omg I was a virgin and I lost it to this fat whale and wish I had waited for you, you so funny, cool, and look beautiful….went on and on not knowing he was ranting to yet another whale. Me and my friend done countless studies even mentioning our race, that were lazy, don’t want a education yet im a size o and my friend went as a 4….we had so many guys e-mailing us for weeks, begging for us, even some owned companies and promised to hire us with zero skills, or just live with them and promise I would want for nothing ect. I had to delete mines, so many average cute guys to the very successful wealthy ones were all into me :/  My friend kept hers up….two years later she still gets emails in a inactive profile. We then put the real us, with goals, a good heart ect I got a man 3 times the size of me, or thuggish like guys with no future, or men old enough to be my mothers grandpa too. So like I tell any fat girl don’t join a dating site and come back hurt….it never fails you will get cheap guys, or sex crazed guys, maybe a bisexual who is just sex crazed, or a old man who works and looking for a fat young care giver, or some Tyrone type, or no one at all but views.

2) Yes its ok to call men shallow, but so are you. Most women when thinking of the ideal guy they never dream of him with a large gut, thick rolls, and five chins…yes a woman may end up with him unlike men who fight it at all costs to find him a barbie no matter her race, height, or religion. Even thin Pagan women will have a Christian man after them (yes true). I do feel women’s wants are not so high like mens. A woman would settle with a decent guy even if he doesn’t fit her ideal more so then a man.

3) No matter what you wear were fat in. Maybe that outfit makes you look five pounds smaller, but five pounds smaller doesn’t equal slim and rolless.

4) Stop saying sorry, we have a auto sorry button inside of us. Were really saying sorry due to our size. I stop saying sorry so much, I can’t tell you how many times a thin person will almost run me over to get to whatever they need to go first….do I hear a sorry? 85% of the time no, us 95% yes.

5) Stop believing in that confience bull. I had a friend once anorexic, called herself ugly even told the guys, was a self cutter yet had the attention of the guys I WANTED. She even started losing hair too, and had zero self esteem yet could not keep a guy away from her and boyfriend was always worried she would leave him for another guy. Studies prove black women have the highest self esteem and confience so me and my friend will joke that if its based on confience only large black women would be the ideal, we would be on every magazine, men would get weak when we go by…yes don’t believe that mess. Once when I was losing weight too good I was the same person talkive, somewhat outgoing yet guys who was worthy of anyones time started to check me out such as the med student! Also men have been known to cheat or want a divorce if you gain weight, but somehow its ok for them to become santa.


6) Dont waste money on goal clothes I mean lets say you reach to goal what you bought then may have been good for THEN, but not now and how do you know if you wont have sagging skin ect buying that outfit may show alot of it! Buy a few fat friendly comfortable clothes for yourself and call it a day.

7) Use butter face women as a reminder that no matter how ugly you are men only care about you from the neck down more so from the shoulders down and that your slim, only women judge from the neck up and if your fat with a butter face (aka ugly) they look at the over all you. If your ugly its ok just focus from the neck down.

8) Set reasons for weight loss honest. Saying you want to lose weight for your health is great, but be honest your thinking of the great clothes you may now be able to wear, better treatment, no longer hating another day, or show your ex what he missed out on.



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